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A Deadly Lie

Some lies can be deadly! One would hope that a lie would not come to such a horrible thing but it happens. This story is not one of encounters from my chronicles; however it is a true story. It made the local news and aired on Snapped in 2010. I wanted to share it because it definitely resonates with the essential theme of this blog.  The sad truth is a beautiful person is gone to soon because of a lie so deadly.

 Shannon Crawley found herself  in a love triangle that went horribly wrong. It all started with a lie! Jermeir Stroud decided he would date two women at the same time. Neither of the women knew about each other. His longtime girlfriend Denita Smith was off to graduate school while Jemeir decided to date Shannon. They dated for about a year before Jemeir broke things off. Jemeir had recently proposed to Denita and of course he could not continue a relationship with Shannon. Now a lovestruck Shannon world is turned upside down. When she realized he was engaged to Denita, his girlfriend, she was devastated. Her devastation turned deadly because she SNAPPED!!!! She killed Denita Smith in a jealous rage.

Crawley convicted in killing, gets life – Durham County – Click on this link to view the full story.

Here is the sad truth…………Jemeir set this in motion the day he decided to lie and pursue a relationship with Shannon. Now I am sure Jemeir didn’t think this would happen after having a relationship with two women at the same.  Jemeir’s lie turned deadly and left many people hurt, angry, and confused. I’m sure his world hasn’t been the same since and it doesn’t help that his unspoken truth has now been publicized for the world to see. I can’t imagine what his life must be like now since his lie became deadly.

Shannon Crawley is not totally innocent in the story. It was very selfish of her to take someone’s life. She is not the first woman this has happened to and definitely won’t be the last. I’m sure she is thinking about that everyday now that she is in prison for life. She did her share of lying and scheming in her defense during the trial. It’s such a sad tragedy since her children will have to grow up without her.

I wonder what Denita must have thought the day her killer confronted her. She had no clue that her fiance‘ had been in another relationship prior to their engagement. She was very happy because she had so many things to look forward too and more sadly because she loved her man. Now the family and friends of Denita Smith are left to mourn her untimely death…………a senseless death. WHY??? A Deadly Lie

May her memory live on for those who loved her. RIP Denita




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